Sunday, January 15, 2012

Running out of steam...

Last week I made a lot of progress... this week I've been running out of steam. This is in part because of my potential job. I mentioned in the last post on 'progress' that I'd gotten a job. It's not a job I particularly want, but it would give me financial stability as I start up my practice. I originally wanted to work 3 days/week, but they pushed for four. This would only leave one weekday (probably a Monday) for my practice, and maybe a weekend day.

I'm still in negotiations over salary, but I've found that my spirit is already somewhat broken, at least temporarily. I'm afraid I won't have the time or energy to really focus on my practice the way I'd like, and there's something about being forced to sell your time for money that just squashes the soul. In that mindset, it's hard to put a lot of energy towards something that feels like it's going to get pushed aside.

This job would entail some travel, and while they agreed that I could request to not travel on the day I have free for my practice, there's always a chance when they will "make" me go if it's an emergency; or, I might have to be in Nebraska on a Tuesday morning, and need to travel Monday night. This would seriously mess with my practice schedule if I have sessions on a Monday evening.

What to do? I think I still have to take the job, but I'm nervous. Maybe I should consider just doing my practice on a Saturday. I wish I knew if there was much demand for therapy on a day like that. Does anyone know? Where would I find out?

Also, my supervisor - the one I was really happy about finding - fell through. I have some more options, but I haven't had the energy to contact them - I need to find out what my work situation will be first.

So, that is all. Oh, and my business license came in the mail. I taped it to my office wall, and I also went to the thrift store and bought an in-out box. So that's progress, right?

At times like this, I wish I were independently wealthy. I recently saw, randomly, on Facebook, that the mom of an old class-mate had gone into private practice late in her life (all the kids in their 20s and 30s). She can rely on her husband's work and just take it up as 'lightly' as it were.

Not that I'm suffering - I'm very lucky overall. But I have to make sure my family has insurance and enough money first, and in this country that involves working in a salaried position. (remind me to make a tangential rant about insurance in this country, even though it's been made a million times; in brief: This country's healthcare system is fucked up!) My point is that it would just make things a lot easier if I could focus on my new business 100%.

I'm hoping once the job is worked out, or not, I'll feel more able to really focus on the business again - hopefully in couple of days.


  1. Hey, Justin! I just found your blog and I'm excited to read all of it! You certainly are putting all of you out there and up front! Personally, I can appreciate your candor.

    Related to the job thing and building your practice . . . you didn't mention what the job would be doing. I was just curious . . . . And, if you are able and willing . . . having slots open on the weekends is a GREAT way to attract clients. Many want evening or weekend hours and they typically get filled up faster than the need so . . . it just might be a blessing in disguise!

    Best wishes on your journey!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tamara. I mentioned my job a little in my most recent post - it is a research job, doing interviews, planning projects, etc. So not particularly related to direct clinical practice. But it's not forever!

    Also, thanks for the info about weekend visits - I'm seriously considering making Saturday my practice day to start off; I could add a weekday evening if things pick up. That might work best. We'll see - I appreciate the good wishes.